Wafer Paper Rose Tutorial

These delicate wafer paper roses look like they were really difficult to create, but they’re surprisingly simple to make. Just gather all that you need, get everything nicely organised, follow our step-by-step instructions and off you go! You don’t need any experience, just some time and patience!

Wafer Paper Rose Kit

Important Information & Handy Tips!

  • There are extra petals so don’t worry if you mess up

  • For Wafer Paper Rose Kit - 3 pack
    For your 5cm/2inch rose - Stop after applying your set of Small Petals (Step 10)
    For your 9cm/3.5inch rose - Stop after applying your set of Medium Petals (Step 10)
    For your 12cm/5inch rose - Continue to Step 12

  • Wafer Paper has a smooth side and a rough side. The smooth side is the printed or coloured side.

  • Only ever handle Wafer Paper with clean, DRY hands

  • Experiment before you start. There are extra petals so try out a tester. See how it reacts with water and Edible Glue. Get a feel for how much moisture it needs to make it soft and pliable and how much moisture it can take before it starts to dissolve.

  • Take your time! Theses flowers don’t require any special skills to make, but even the most experienced cake decorator will run into trouble with wafer paper if you rush the steps. Have some patience, take your time and you will end up with great results. Rushing through drying times will result in the wafer paper getting too wet and start to tear and dissolve.

  • There are lots of products available to use with Wafer Paper such as Conditioners and Moisturisers. These products can be used in place of the water atomiser if you wish. However, I find plain water is just as good if you use it sparingly. (Save you some $$$ too!)

  • Don’t be tempted to move or touch your petals as the are drying!

  • Edible Glue has many names. Piping Gel, Clear Piping Gel, Sugar Glue. Any of these products will work. I recommend a watered-down solution when working with your Wafer Paper Roses

  • The number of petals you add to your rose is really up to you. The quantities given are just a guideline that will produce a rose, roughly 12cm/5inch diameter. But if you want a bigger rose, just keep adding petals. For a smaller rose, don’t add the big petals. It’s up to you. One thing I will suggest is, always try to use an odd number of petals.

  • If your rose falls off the wire whilst you are adding petals, don’t be tempted to push it back on straight away. Set it down and let it dry. Once dry you can pick it up and gently push the wire back in. If you try to do it whilst it’s wet, you will be more likely to squish or damage your rose.

  • To attach to FONDANT – Trim your Rose wire to the desired length with a small pair of pliers or scissors. Dab the area where you want your Wafer Paper Rose to sit with some Edible Glue. You could also use a small amount of royal icing. Gently start to insert the wire, holding it and pushing it in by the end of the wire. Work you way up the wire, gently pushing it into you cake as you go, until your flower is in place.

  • To attach to BUTTERCREAM – Follow the same process. If the Buttercream is fresh, you are unlikely to need Edible Glue.
  • Kit Includes:

    • 20mm Foam Bud
    • 20 Gauge Floral Wire
    • Wafer Paper Petals

    - 3 sizes for Inner Petals

    - 4 sizes for Outer Petals

  • You will Need:

    • Edible Glue
    • Water

    - Small dish

    - Small Atomiser

    • Small Paintbrush
    • Small Scissors
    • Silpat or Baking Paper
    • Foam Block


    • Floral Tape
    • Petal Dusts

Let's get started!

1. Put a 50/50 solution of Edible Glue/Water into a small bowl. (you don’t need much)

  • 2.

    Insert wire into the foam bud, then stick the other end of the wire into your foam block. Paint the foam bud all over with the Edible Glue mix.

  • 3.

    Pick up one of the small discs and spritz both sides with water. Cover the foam bud with the disc, smooth side facing out. It doesn’t need to cover the whole thing. You just want to disguise the tip of the bud so the Styrofoam doesn’t show.

  • Allow 1 minute to dry.

  • 4.

    Gather three of the Small Discs & three of the Medium Discs. Starting with the Small Discs, one at a time, hold the disc in your fingertips with the cut section facing down. Give the disc a quick spritz of water on both sides and apply to the bud, with the smooth side facing out.

  • Continue to add the small discs to your bud. You are creating the centre of your rose, so focus on the tip of the bud, overlapping each disc. Once you are happy with your centre tip you can smooth down any bits on the side and the bottom of the bud. Allow 3 minutes to dry.

  • Repeat with the 3 Medium Discs. Allow to dry.

Lay a large sheet of Baking Paper over a flat surface. Gather 5 Medium Discs & 5 Large Discs.

  • 5.

    With the smooth side facing up, apply some Edible Glue mix to the left side of the cut. Bring the right side of the cut over the top of the left side, approximately 1cm. Press together and hold for a full 10 seconds.

  • You should have created a little
    'hat' shape. Set down on baking paper and repeat with the other discs.

  • 6.

    Spread the petal ‘hats’ out on the baking paper, with the smooth side facing up. Give them 2 sprays of water and allow 20 minutes to dry.
    *Be careful not to put them too close together on the baking paper or they will stick to each other.

  • Once fully dry your petal ‘hats’ should have some curl around the edges.

    (If they don't have much curl, or look the same as before, give them another spay and allow to dry again).

  • 7.

    Starting with the Medium size, apply some Edible Glue mix to the rough side/inner side of your petal, on the triangle shape and a little to the sides of the triangle shape. Avoid getting any glue mix on the top part of the petal.

  • 8.

    Stick petal to the side of your bud, gently pressing and holding in place for a full 30 seconds. Repeat this process with the rest of the Medium petal 'hats', overlapping them as you go. Allow 10 minutes drying time before repeating the same process with the Large petal ‘hats’.

  • Allow to dry.

Whilst your rose bud is drying, you can start to prepare your next set of petals.

  • 9.

    Gather the Small & Medium Petals and lay them flat on the
    baking paper, with the rough side facing up. Give them 2 sprays of water and allow 20 minutes to dry.
    *Be careful not to put them too close together on the baking paper or they will stick to each other.

  • Once dry, your petals should have curled up.

    *Keep them in 2 separate groups of Small & Medium, as it
    can be hard to tell which size is which, once they have curled up.

  • 10.

    Pick up your first Small petal and turn it over so the smooth side is facing up. Gently un-curl the bottom of your petal. Apply some Edible Glue mix to the bottom half of the petal and attach it to your rose bud.

  • Try to follow on your previous pattern, overlapping where you last petal was stuck. Hold it in place for a full 30 seconds before adding the next one. Repeat this for all 5 Small petals, then allow it to dry for 10 minutes.

  • Repeat with the Medium sized petals, adding one at a time and holding for a full 30 seconds to set in place each time. Allow to dry.

Repeat from step 9, using five of the Large & Five Extra-Large petals.

When applying the Edible Glue mix to the larger petals, you will need to cover slightly more than half of the petal with the glue mix. Approximately ¾ of the petal, from the bottom point up. Continue to add petals, holding for 30 seconds each time (longer if needed for these larger petals) and allow 10 minutes drying time between sizes.

  • 11.

    As it gets bigger, you may need to give the underside of your rose some attention. Carefully turn it over. You can hold it by the wire, or if it's getting a bit heavy, you can softly hold it in the palm of your hand.
    *Only do this if your rose is nice and dry!

  • If there are any messy bits on the underside of your rose, paint the area with some Edible glue mix and gently smooth down around the base and the wire.

  • Place your rose back on the foam block. Allow to fully dry before continuing to add any more petals


Continue adding petals until you are happy with the size of your rose.


You are finished! Well done 😊



  • Add some leaves to your Wafer Paper Rose. Adhere them to the base
    and wire with some Edible glue mix.
  • You could also use some floral tape to wrap around the wire and
    base of your rose.
  • Coloured Petal Dusts, Lustre Dusts or Edible Glitter can also be used
    for some unique, finishing touches!